Friday, 12 May 2017

Reasons Behind Growing Popularity of Co-working Spaces in India

A new buzzword in Indian real estate is co-working space. The number of players in this commercial segment has increased to 200 from 5-10 members ten years back. However, the segment is still in its emerging stage, experts anticipate it to grow rapidly in coming future.
Let’s have a look at the reasons playing a vital role in increasing popularity of co-working spaces in India.

Cost benefits: In a country where people are facing problems due to ever increasing property prices, an affordable option is bound to get instant popularity. Same thing happened with co-working spaces because of limited capital lock-in and operations costs associated with it. A co-working space rent of which range from Rs. 3,000 to 25,000 per month costs around 30-50 percent lower than normal office space. This is the reason many real estate sites in India are now promoting co-working spaces more than traditional offices.
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 Flexible spaces: This is one of the major benefits of investing in co-working spaces. Quality and functionality are the major factors kept in the mind when designing these office spaces which ensure optimum usage of the space.
Enhanced productivity: No matter how large or beautiful is your office space; it is of no use unless you employees find it good enough. Co-working office allow employees to be their best as they get company of other like minded people. Committed individuals come together in these offices, which helps them improve their productivity.

Great option for start-ups: With the increasing number of start-ups every year, demand for office space has also increased. Realestate in India now sees maximum demand from startups and small scale companies. As these companies have limited capital, shared working space allow them to find a suitable place for their business.

Well-developed infrastructure: To ensure that office space owners work with an ease, service providers offer world-class amenities and sound support mechanism. From plug and play facilities to green atriums and much more, operators provide everything to make work hassle free for the start-ups and SMEs.

Though there are numerous commercial project builders offering co-working spaces in India, to ensure that you get the best prices and desired services, search for the options at the best property websites in India.

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